As the soul can’t be cut, how does the cow cut and chew grass in the spiritual world?

by Chaitanya CharanJuly 28, 2012

From: Rohan

In BG it is said that the soul can’t be cut into pieces, can’t be burnt etc. And as you answered in one of the Q-A, this section of BG is for understanding the difference between matter and spirit.

But now the question is, in the spiritual world, where every entity is pure spirit and a person, how can the spirit be cut when a cow in the spiritual world eats grass or some devotees there drinks water from the river? The grass and the water are purely spiritual living beings, then how can they be cut. Also what is the need of reproduction in the spiritual world? in the sense, if a tree is there and it bears fruits and when Krsna eats that fruit…… Is it that the tree is a separate person and the fruit is also a separate person…?

In essence, how to understand the nature and behavior of the soul in the spiritual world? it is quite a bit confusing… pls answer…

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