If doing medical research on animals is wrong, then shouldn’t we try to save the lives of those suffering from diseases?

by Chaitanya CharanJuly 10, 2012

I agree with you on your views, it makes sense to me but at the
same time a part of me is still struggling to wrap my head around
it. I get confused when I consider compassion for humans and
animals suffering
from diseases.
I am viewing research science as more than just a livelihood.
With the help of research science we have found treatment for
some terrible diseases. We have been able to eradicate diseases
like smallpox. When you see humans suffering from infections and
diseases, wouldn’t you want to help them? I know the help I
provide as a research scientist will be limited to the body and
I won’t be helping the soul. But still if you see a human or cow
with an open wound, wouldn’t your natural response be to apply
medication on that open wound to alleviate the
Lets say a research scientist renounced animal research because
he considered it a bad karma. Years later he or one of his loved
one gets ill. So he decides to use the treatment methods and/or vaccines that
were discovered or made using animal research.

Isn’t he  committing the equal sin by using the medication and treatment
that were discovered using animal research? Yes, he did not do
animal research but he is paying (indirectly) the research
scientist to commit sin for him. He is paying for animal research
by using the medications and treatments available.
Thank you for your reply. I greatly, greatly appreciate it but I still need a lot of
help on this topic. I have talked several devotees regarding this
but I am still not satisfied with the answers. I understand the
science side of this topic and I really want to understand the
spiritual side of this topic. I need guidance


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