When Krishna accepts all kinds of people in the Gita, why doesn’t Prabhupada accept all of them in his purports?

by Chaitanya CharanJuly 11, 2012

I have seen some differences in the Bhagavad gita and just wanted

to know your thoughts regarding this.

In the last two slokas of chap 2, nos 71 and 72, lord Krishna says in

his sloka something like who ever is devoid of proprietorship and one

who is not attached to the enjoyment of mundane things and one who

does not have ego, only such a person can attain real peace and in the

next sloka (72) he says that if a person attains such a mentality even

at death he enters the kingdom of god after death.

But in the purport srila prabupada writes the commentary as a person

in Krishna consciousness is naturally devoid of proprietorship and ego

and as a result after death he enters the kingdom of god and this is

the proper way and so on. But in the sloka lord Krishna does not in

any way bring himself up in front at all.  There are other slokas

where he says just surrender unto me, follow me, think of me always

and so on . the purport holds good for that sloka but not here. Why is

this difference. I find this difference throughout bhagavad gita and I can go on giving examples.

My question is this prabu, lord Krishna accepts all kinds of people

with different kinds of mentalities, but srila prabupada does not

accept everyone or approve all the ways and sticks to just one way and

derides all other ways. Simply put he does not accept gnana yoga,

karma yoga or dhyana yoga. He calls all these yogas as bhakthi yoga

when the lord sri Krishna himself does not call that way and it is another strange thing.

How is this possible and please enlightenment on this.

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