10.05 – Why are we half-trusting Krishna?

by November 15, 2012

When faced with a problem, we may pray to Krishna to solve it. On finding that the solution is not forthcoming, we may start doubting: “Why is Krishna not responding to my prayer?”

Gita wisdom assures us that Krishna responds to every single prayer of every single soul.

The problem is that we expect, even demand, him to solve the problem in the specific way that we want. This attitude symptomizes our half-trust in Krishna: our trust in his omnipotence, but not in his omniscience. Put bluntly, we believe that Krishna is strong enough but not wise enough to solve our problem. So, we tell him the specific solution and expect him to use his omnipotence to implement it for us. And when it isn’t implemented, we start doubting him.

Isn’t it better to doubt our assumption that Krishna needs our intelligence?

A fundamental spiritual fact is that Krishna is far more intelligent than us; he is the most intelligent of all living beings. In fact, the Bhagavad-gita (10.05) states that he is the source of everyone’s intelligence – including ours.

All of us can choose to trust Krishna fully instead of partially. When we trust him fully, we don’t impose our intelligence on him by demanding a specific solution. Instead, we pray to him to give us the strength to continue serving him even amidst the problem, and the wisdom to understand and cooperate with his solution, whatever it may be and whenever it appears.

Trusting Krishna fully will give us two mega-returns. Firstly, no matter what problems come, we will be able to stay secure by focusing on how to serve him best in that situation. Secondly, we will be amazed periodically at how he deals with those problems in ways far better than what we could have ever thought.



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