If “Svetasvatara Upanishad ” is dedicated to Lord Shiva , why is it dedicated to Krsna by Vaishnava Acharyas?

by Chaitanya CharanJanuary 10, 2013

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    Hare Krishna Prabhuji

    There are many similarities in the worldview of Svetasvatara upanishad and Bhagavad Gita . And one of such striking similarity is quoted below as follows

    na tatra suryo bhāti na candratarakaṃ nema vidyuto bhanti kuto ‘yam agniḥ
    tam eva bhantam anubhati sarvaṃ tasya bhasā sarvam idaṃ vibhati

    “The sun does not shine there, nor the moon and the stars, nor these lightnings-much less this fire. He shining, everything shines after Him. By his light all this is lighted. ” ( Mantra -6.14 )

    This same statement is also repeated in Mundaka upanishad (2.2.10 ) and Kathopanishad (2.2.15 )

    And Lord Krishna himself in Bhagavad Gita( 15.6 ) confirms this as follows

    “na tad bhasayate suryo
    na sasanko na pavakah
    yad gatva na nivartante
    tad dhama paramam mama “

    “That abode of Mine is not illumined by the sun or moon, nor by electricity. One who reaches it never returns to this material world. ”

    The last words “tad dhama parama mama “ is very significant ,which conforms the verse in Svetasvatara upanishad ,which was attributed by Sage Svetasvatara to that supreme brahman throughout the upanishad is none other than Lord Krishna himself .

    Apart from this ,Svetasvatara upanishad 3.8 also describes about that supreme lord ,which is also the purusam suktam verse (attributed to lord Vishnu ) of Rigveda as follows :

    vedaham etam purusam mahantam

    aditya-varnam tamasah purastat

    tam eva viditvatimrtyum eti

    nanyah pantha vidyate ‘yanaya

    I know that Supreme Personality of Godhead who is transcendental to all material conceptions of darkness. Only he who knows Him can transcend the bonds of birth and death. There is no way for liberation other than this knowledge of that Supreme Person.

    Also Lord Krishna himself describes himself as that Purusha to be but his own expansion in 8.9 , where Krishna explains how one should meditate on him ,as follows

    kaviṁ purāṇam anuśāsitāram
    aṇor aṇīyāṁsam anusmared yaḥ
    sarvasya dhātāram acintya-rūpam
    āditya-varṇaṁ tamasaḥ parastāt

    “One should meditate upon the Supreme Person as the one who knows everything, as He who is the oldest, who is the controller, who is smaller than the smallest, who is the maintainer of everything, who is beyond all material conception, who is inconceivable, and who is always a person. He is luminous like the sun, and He is transcendental, beyond this material nature. ”

    Finally in B.G 10.12 ,Arjuna also confirms that Purusam referred in Vedas to be Lord Krishna himself

    “purusam sasvatam divyam “

    And Lord Krishna himself describes ,that by all the Vedas ,I,am to be known (vedais ca sarvair aham eva vedyo ) ,so Svetasvatara upanishad ,being the part of vedas ,should also be accepted as such ,otherwise GITA ,which is considered to be the essence of all the upanishads would become contradictory to other upanishads .

    Thus such and many more verses in Svetasvatara upanishad proves that ultimately ,all the Upanishads including Svetasvatara upanishad ,directly or indirectly speak about the glories of Lord Krishna .Of these ,there should not be any doubt ,as confirmed by the above verses .

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