How spiritual distress is also blissful

by May 31, 2013

The difference between the pleasure and pain of this material world and that of the spiritual world is that in the spiritual world the effect is qualitatively absolute. Therefore one may feel sorry in the absolute world, but the manifestation of so-called pain is always full of bliss. For instance, once Lord  Krishna, in His childhood, was chastised by His mother, Yasoda, and Lord  Krishna cried. But although He shed tears from His eyes, this is not to be considered a reaction of the mode of ignorance, for the incident was full of transcendental pleasure. When  Krishna was playing in so many ways, sometimes it appeared that He caused distress to the gopis, but actually such dealings were full of transcendental bliss. That is the difference between the material and spiritual worlds.

Srimad Bhagavatam 4.3.15 purport

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