How impersonlism aggravates religious materialism

by June 9, 2013

The grhamedhis, who want to

continue a prosperous materialistic way of life, generally worship the

demigods or the forefathers by offering pinda, or respectful oblations.

Such persons are bereft of Krsna consciousness and are not interested in

devotional service to the Lord. This kind of so-called pious and

religious man is the result of impersonalism. The impersonalists maintain

that the Supreme Absolute Truth has no form and that one can imagine any

form he likes for his benefit and worship in that way. Therefore the

grhamedhis or materialistic men say that they can worship any form of a

demigod as worship of the Supreme Lord. Especially amongst the Hindus,

those who are meat-eaters prefer to worship goddess Kali because it is

prescribed that one can sacrifice a goat before that goddess. They

maintain that whether one worships the goddess Kali or the Supreme

Personality of Godhead Visnu or any demigod, the destination is the same.

This is first-class rascaldom, and such people are misled. But they

prefer this philosophy. Bhagavad-gita does not accept such rascaldom, and

it is clearly stated that such methods are meant for persons who have

lost their intelligence.

Srimad Bhagavatam 3.32.2 purport

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