Is our coming to devotional service destined?

by Chaitanya CharanJune 27, 2013

From Jayant P through Avatari Chaitanya Pr

Is becoming devotee is our destiny? I am asking because we know only Krishna knows when we are going to go back to him. In that case, I think, when time comes then Krishna arranges everything for us and we can see that. If it is so then how can we say that we become devotee by our own freewill, it should be actually Krishna’s will. I think even though we have freewill, we cannot go back to godhead on our own freewill unless and until Krishna wants to. I heard once that if Krishna wants to take us back to godhead then he does not care about our freewill. That means we are destined to go back to godhead irrespective of our freewill.

We can only do our efforts. I am not of the opinion that we should not try even though our destiny is fixed but we must believe in “Karmanye vadhikaraste”

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