During their spiritual advancement, do devotees see the Supersoul in their heart? How?

by Chaitanya CharanJuly 21, 2013

From: Rahul
While reading Bhagavad Gita I came across verse 13.25 and the translation is as follows “Some percieve the Supersoul within themselves through meditation others through the cultivation of knowledge and still others through working without fruitive desires.”

How can a devotee percieve the supreme soul which is present within his body.I can understand the a person can percieve the presence of the soul through the presence of consciousness thats pervading within the body.But I am curious to know how a devotee can percieve the supreme soul who is the friend of the individual spirit soul.What are the symptoms of a person who has percieved the supreme soul within his heart.Is he able to witness the 4 handed form of visnu.?

The only example I came across is dhruva maharaj who witnessed the supreme soul.And my question is can we witness the supreme soul like dhruva maharaj if we chant the hare krsna mahamantra?

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