When we as sadhakas face sufferings, are they due to our past karma or due to Krishna’s arrangement especially when bhakti is said to remove all karmic reactions?

by Chaitanya CharanJuly 15, 2013

You say in one of your  Gita-daily articles: “Gita wisdom informs that whatever happens to us is a result of our past karma. How and when it happens to us is Krishna’s arrangement to facilitate our spiritual evolution.”

In the 6th canto there is a verse that chanting the holy name jokingly, maliciously, etc..still destroys all sins (ashesha agha haram). If all sins are destroyed with one name, then why does a devotee face karmic reactions? In the pastime of Chitraketumaharaj, some Prabhupada purports say that karma is burned up for a devotee and Krsna puts him in difficulty just to increase his need for Krsna. I would like to know if this is true for pure devotees only or for all?

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