06.22 – Do not ensure heartbreaks; insure against heartbreaks

by September 18, 2013

Where our heart is, that’s where we are. Usually, our heart is in material things; we long for them fervently. As all material things are temporary, our attachment to them ensures the inevitable breaking of our heart. Again and again. Lifetime after lifetime.

Gita wisdom opens the door out of this tradition of heartbreaks by informing us of our spiritual identity and glory. We are indestructible souls who have an eternal loving relationship with Krishna – a relationship that we have forgotten. Our misguided attempt to replace Krishna with worldly surrogates is at the root of all our heartbreaks.

Bhakti-yoga offers us an easy and effective process for redirecting our love towards Krishna. When we learn to love him, we insure our heart against heartbreaks. Krishna never rejects or neglects us; he never lets us down; he never leaves us. Rather, through his unfailing and unwavering love, he heals and fills our heart – he heals the heart of the wounds caused by past heartbreaks, and he fills the heart with his warmth and strength.

Though this world is unchangeably a place of duality, Krishna’s love provides us a stability that takes us above that duality. The Bhagavad-gita (06.22) indicates that those relishing the supreme spiritual reality stay unshaken even amidst life’s severest reversals.

Bhakti-yoga is so inclusive that it grants us access to this supreme reality by developing love for Krishna without demanding that we reject all love in this world. It integrates that love with our love for Krishna. We see others as parts of Krishna by loving whom we can love Krishna better. This vision enables us to ive them a place in our heart without giving them the power to break our heart. Because ensuring the presence of Krishna at the center of our heart makes it unbreakable.


06.22 – Upon gaining this he thinks there is no greater gain. Being situated in such a position, one is never shaken, even in the midst of greatest difficulty.

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