Aspire to get out of the Prison, not to get a better cell within the Prison

by February 20, 2014

No one can be happy in prison life, although one may be a first-class prisoner and another a third-class prisoner. The intelligent person should not try to be promoted from third-class prison life to first-class prison life, but should try to be released from the prison altogether. One may be promoted to first-class prisoner, but the same first-class prisoner is again degraded to a third-class prisoner in the next term. One should try to be free from prison life and go back home, back to Godhead. That is the real goal for all types of living entities.

– Srila Prabhupada, Srimad Bhagavatam > Canto 2: The Cosmic Manifestation > Chapter 10: Bhagavatam Is the Answer to All Questions > Verses 37-40

Srila Prabhupada

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