Litmus test of a Religious person

by February 17, 2014

You may follow Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam—it doesn’t matter. But the test of your success is how far you have developed love of God. If you have developed your sense of love for God, you have actually followed religious principles. Religion does not mean that you go to a temple, mosque, or church and as a matter of formality observe some rituals, make some donation, and then come back home and do all kinds of nonsense. That is not religion. Suppose someone is said to be great. What is the proof of his greatness? He must have great riches, knowledge, influence, beauty, etc. Similarly, what is the proof that someone is a man of religious principles? The proof is that he has developed love of God. Then he is religious.

– Srila Prabhupada, Dharma: The Way of Transcendence – 1 – What is Dharma?

Dharma -The way of Transcendence

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