Lakshmi-Narasimha Karuna-rasa-stotra 7: Counter the poison coming from the fangs of the sense objects with the nectar of devotion

by Bhavin KatariaApril 19, 2014

samsara-sarpa-visha-digdha mahogra-tivra

damstragra-koti-paridashta vinashta-murte

nagari-vahana sudhabdhi-nivasa shaure

lakshmi-nrisimha mama dehi karavalambam

“I have been bitten by the tens of millions of terrible sharp fangs of the snake of material existence. Having been injected with its powerful poison, I have lost my consciousness as the eternal servant of Krishna. The best remedy for snakebite is nectar, therefore O Lord Shauri, You reside in the ocean of nectar and Your carrier is Garuda the great enemy of snakes. O Lakshmi-Nrisimha, please bless me with the touch of Your lotus hands.”

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