The Following transcriptions have been uploaded.

by September 18, 2014

The Following transcriptions have been uploaded.

When there are so many cases of past life memories, why don’t we find some people remembering their experience in heaven, hell or as animals?

How do see spiritual organizations that are largely Vaishnava except for considering their founder as an incarantion?

If someone is following an Abrahamic religion, should we encourage them to follow that religion or to take up Krishna consciousness?

Are Manava seva and Madhava seva like two largely overlapping circles?

Why does Prabhupada translate bhakti in Bhaktirasamritasindhu as ‘devotion’ instead of ‘devotional service’?

Does Krishna compassionately pull impersonalists from Brahman to Bhagavan?

Does our seeking end after we find God as the Bible indicates or continue forever as Gaudiya Vaishnavism indicate?

Why do we do pradakshina?

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