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by November 11, 2014

What is the destination of patriotic atheists like Bhagat Singh?

When Krishna always uses his free will properly, why don’t we too when we are his parts?

What is the philosophy behind the worship of a pure devotee’s Deity?

Why do insubstantial religious groups spread extensively and pure saints remain unknown?

Prabhupada quotes largely from the Puranas so how can we show that our sampradaya is based on shruti?

I was born in another sampradaya, but became introduced to seriously bhakti through ISKCON. Which sampradaya should I follow?

Are the Puranas unreliable because they have so many different versions?

Are the jnanis mentioned in Gita 7.16-18 impersonalists as the example of Kumaras suggests or devotees as Vishvanath Chakravarti Thakura’s commentary states?

For a devotee-sadhaka Is the desire to go BTG desirable or should one just desire service?

If one doesnt practice raganuga bhakti then how will one get the realizations needed to return to our svarupa?

Does one have to practice raganuga bhakti to go BTG or is just departing in devotional circumstances enough

Why does the mind develop bad habits more easily than good habits?

Where do religious social workers like Mother Terersa fall in the Gita’s yoga ladder?

Is belief in God like belief in a cosmic teapot – undisprovable yet unreasonable?

If we cant fast nirjala on Pandava Nirjala Ekadashi what benefit do we get?

How can India’s wisdom-literature be introduced in the education without the saffronization of the syllabus?


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