Belong – Gita daily series book 3

Belong addresses our heart’s longing to belong to something bigger than ourselves – a longing that is nourished and fulfilled by the Bhagavad-gita’s transformational message of spiritual love. While presenting that message in accessible 300-word nuggets, Belong shines the light of the Gita on many themes important for our inner growth:

Optimism: Our willingness is more important than our willpower
Resentment: Possibilities expand when we begin from where we are instead of where we should be
Happiness: Temporary relief from self-inflicted torture is not pleasure
Association: Our desires are not just linear, but also triangular
Temptation: We don’t have to defeat our lower desires – we can just let them lose
Discipline: Rules free you to be you
Devotion: Krishna is the master before whom we stand truly erect

These 121 reflections prompt the head and the heart to move closer towards belonging to the one in whom our potentials attain the fullest development and we find the deepest fulfillment.

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The earlier two books in the series are “The Gita for Daily Enrichment” and “The Eye to See the I