Site Introduction

We humbly attempt to bridge the deep chasm between the two mountains of human achievement: science and spirituality. The necessity of bringing these two towering edifices of human brilliance has been underscored by an authority no lesser than Albert Einstein, who phrased the union in terms of the human body: “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”

To this end, this site offers the following services:

I. Articles: These articles, most of them in the form of question-answers, form the heart of this site. These articles that give a glimpse of science and spirituality can be brought together for holistic human growth have been classified into four sections depending on the individual dispositions of various kinds of likely visitors to the site:

  1.  Science and Spirituality:  This section is offered especially for the scientifically inclined, who can experiment with and experience within the spiritual dimension of reality, thus expanding the frontiers of science. You can browse the articles in this section here.
  2. Philosophy:  This section is offered especially for the spiritually inclined, who can acquire and utilize the scientific spirit of rational, critical enquiry so as to separate authentic spirituality from dogma, superstition and shallow. You can browse the articles in this section here.
  3. Religion and Spirituality: This section helps the discerning to go to the spiritual essence, the common heart of the world’s great wisdom-traditions in general and the Vedic wisdom-tradition in particular, while recognizing at the same time the contextual importance and the practical relevance of their religious expressions. You can browse the articles in this section here.
  4.  Self-help:  This section aids us as human beings to benefit from the fruits of both these human enterprises – science and spirituality – so that we can make our lives become easier and happier, and also become equipped and enriched to make a positive difference in the world. You can browse the articles in this section here.

II. Gita-daily meditations: A concise daily meditation on the Bhagavad-gita that illumines the daily concerns of aspiring spiritualists living in today’s world with insights from the Gita wisdom-tradition. You can read more about Gita-daily here and browse through the various Gita daily articles here.

III. Audio Content:

       1. Audio Question-Answers (QA):

This is probably the most popular section of the site, where questions by the spiritually inquisitive connected with spirituality        or its interface with science or its relevance in current times are answered here in audio format.  You can browse through all the audio QA here

       2. Audio Lectures:

This contains lectures on various devotional themes; you can browse through all the lectures here.


Quick Access to Specific Content:

If you are looking for content on any specific topic on the site, there are two quick ways to get to it:

1. Go to the contents page that gives a complete list of all the site content – both textual and audio. 

2. Use the search engine at the right top of every page to locate content with the keywords that you are looking for.