12.10 – If we can’t offer our heart to Krishna, then we can offer what’s in our heart to Krishna

by March 31, 2013

We all long for love. This longing attains lasting and complete fulfillment when we direct it towards Krishna, for he is eternal and all-attractive. And most importantly, he already us – and loves us far more than anyone else.

However, directing our love towards Krishna is not easy. We all have loved many worldly things many of which may attract us even today. Consequently, as compared to Krishna, our heart tends to get attracted to worldly things far more easily, quickly and forcefully.

When offering our heart to Krishna is so difficult, what can we do?

Offer what’s in our heart to Krishna, answers Gita wisdom.

The Bhagavad-gita (12.08-12) outlines a descending ladder of love, whose rungs comprise levels at which we can connect with Krishna. 12.08 urges us to constantly fix our mind and intelligence and thereby our heart on Krishna. One level below, 12.09 urges us to practice fixing the mind on Krishna.

When we can’t do either, 12.10 urges us to work for Krishna. Our mind naturally gravitates towards work according to our psycho-physical nature and the fruits of that work. Normally, both – our work and its fruits – occupy a prominent even dominant place in our heart. When we do this work for Krishna and offer its fruits to him, we offer a part of our heart to him. By so doing, we give him a place in our heart.

When we give Krishna a foothold in our heart, we let him grant us introductory taste of the peace and the bliss of loving him. That taste inspires us over time to offer more and more of our heart to him. By this progressively increasing devotion, we eventually love Krishna purely and fully – and thereby become eternally happy.


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  • krishna Gaur Das
    March 31, 2013 at 10:15 am

    Articles such as this can Avoid Many Heart Failure’s which occur firstly due to Hypertension And Stressed out life And Secondly due to Being Cheated in Conjugal love of this World.When Our Heart Starts Beating for Krishna than we can Easily Beat The Disease of our heart at All levels.Internally We Overcome Our Impurities Like Lust, Anger ,Greed Etc.,Mentally We become very Strong And Thus Avoid becoming Victim Of Stress,Emotionally We get The Love which we were hankering for,so there are no more Heart Breaks Due To Selfish love Of this World .Gita Wisdom Daily helps us to remind us of our real love & dear Most Lover Krishna.Thank u very much prji

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