How can I overcome anger and study calmly college subjects that blaspheme dharma?

by Chaitanya CharanMarch 21, 2013

From: Nikhil Sharma

How to avoid anger during studying college course books which are often related to insulting Dharma, God, and insulting everything related to spirituallity, Vedas, Shastras as mythology it is very difficult for a devotee to read such books and it creates anger which often becomes a deep pain for the soul, and pierces the mind and soul and a devotee becomes angry, and gets low self esteem, and felt from heart why I am living or why I am studying these books, Please help Prabhu as this is a very major problem for especially me, and due to this I am not able to concentrate on studies which will surely lead to my failure, these study books like history, hindi, english literature often creates a major problem, and I always get headache and anger which becomes increasing day by day?

Please Prabhu give some suggestions on how to be calm, cool while studying such books and easily without anger get passed in exams.

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