Won’t adjusting according to time-place-circumstances lead to deviations?

by Chaitanya CharanAugust 23, 2013
As regards the Gita daily article “Be flexible, but not fickle” I am not able to understand that how far we can stretch flexibility taking excuse of Time, Place and Circumstances say for example Women becoming Sanyasins, wearing saffron( As from Srila Prabhupada’s purports in SB, Daksh-Shiva past times only a yogini when she is giving up her body can change to Saffron), homosexuals being initiated and staying in Bramcharis Ashrams. As far my understanding goes Srila Prabhupada categorically stated that whatever dilution had to be done in the practices has been done by him and there should not be any further dilution. If we just keep two practices of mantra meditation and scriptual study of Srila Praphupada intact and apply Time, Place Circumstance yardstick to others then tomorrow Onion garlic food would come to temples,gays would become gurus and the list may go on. Of course I am not an authority and have no right to comment on an institutions working, but whatever I feel from my heart, I have stated and am not even sure if this comes in the category of Vaishnav Apradha.
Could you please enlighten and reply to me?
Cdr. Sandeep Chadha(Retd.) [STOKA KRSNA DAS]

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