Appreciating different definitions of success in devotional service

by Chaitanya CharanOctober 3, 2014

Lecture Outline:

Bhag 1.15.16 – Arjuna appreciate Prahlad’s devotion – form different, but substance same

Prabhupada disapproved cloning of successful book distributors: “Devotional service is individual, voluntary and spontaneous.”

He also suspended the GBC when it tried to centralize ISKCON’s finances

Institutionalization should facilitate, not stagnate, the flow of devotion

Come up with new services and new definitions of success according to circumstantial necessity or individual propensity

People around us act like mirrors who show a palatable or unpalatable image of us

Nourish the creative side within, not the critical side

Avoid social alienation and sefl-alienation – find a healthy balance

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