While the world slept …

by November 18, 2020

Late into the night, while the world slept 

A light was being lit by a spiritual adept

That light would illuminate humanity for generations

Showing a spiritual pathway to people from many nations. 

After just a few hours of sleep, Prabhupada arose and contemplated, 

Working tirelessly at an age when most people vegetated 

Blessing us with a wisdom that we didn’t know we were missing  

Explaining what a world with technology and prosperity was still lacking.

With a dictaphone in hand, pausing, deliberating, recording, 

He exposed the meaningless materialism in which we were residing

He spoke of a God whose love could make our empty heart full,

Of a devotion that could make life’s challenges meaningful. 

On this sacred day, on a sublime evening of nineteen seventy-seven, 

He departed to be with his Lord in the supreme heaven

Leaving as he had been living, in divine absorption, 

He showed how we all can pass life’s final examination. 

When desires crowd our heart, may his teachings be our vision

When doubts cloud our head, may his example be our beacon 

May remembering his dedication become our driving inspiration

May sharing his message become our unifying aspiration. 




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