Are the Vedas mythological because they talk about mysticism?

by October 13, 2011


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  1. Prahlad Jani – Inedia & Breatherianism
  2. Pshyco-kinesis examples: Uri Geller – Verified by Stanford research institute scientists; Wolf Mesing – prestigious Russian journal of Science and Religion
  3. Remembrance of Krishna – greatest mystical experience – makes one purified, transformed, satisfied.


Transcribed and edited by- Keshavgopal Das

Question- Are the Vedas mythological because they describe so much mysticism whereas we do not see any such mysticism today?

Answer (short)-

  • The claim that we do not see any mysticism today is based on very incomplete knowledge.
  • Three examples of various people from modern times that are well documented and scientifically proven have been discussed.
  • One mystical experience we all can experience – chanting the holy names of God. If done attentively and regularly mantra meditation can mystically not only free us from our bad habits but can also make us calmer, peaceful, joyful, productive etc.

Answer (long)-  The claim that we do not see any mysticism today is based on very incomplete knowledge.

One of the most well-known and well-proven recent claims of mystical powers was that of a yogi Prahalad Jani who claimed to live for 70 years without food and water. Living without food is known as Inedia. Living without food and water is known as Breatherianism. Both of these are considered impossible for more than a few days, especially Breatherianism. Prahalad Jani’s case was studied in 2003 and again in 2010 by doctors in Sterling Hospital in Ahmedabad, Gujarat under the supervision of the DIPAS (Defense Institute of Physiology and Applied Sciences) backed by prestigious organization DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization) who were interested in this study because if in war situations soldiers could live without food it would be extremely helpful.

Prahalad Jani was observed under strict and thorough monitoring for two full weeks when he neither took any water nor any food nor he passed any urine nor any stool nor any need for dialysis. He was declared at the end of the study as a medical miracle. How does Prahalad Jani explain that he can live without food and water? He says this is because of a benediction by Devi (Goddess) to him. This is a living example of what is unexplainable by science happening right in front of our eyes.

Similar other examples are there from all over the world.

One well known field of scientific study is known as psycho-kinesis, abbreviated as PK. It means the ability by the mind (psycho) to make effect on matter (kinesis).  One of the most celebrated cases in America was that of Uri Geller who mesmerized audiences on Television in the 1980s with his spoon bending ability. His ability was researched and verified by Stanford Research Institute’s scientists and also certified by pre-eminent scientists like Wernher von Braun.

Similarly, in the erstwhile Soviet Union the case of Wolf Mesing, who also did psycho-kinesis, is also very well known. He was able to effortlessly penetrate through all of Stalin’s elaborate security and enter into his private personal chambers. This case is well documented and was published after thorough research in the prestigious Russian Journal of Science and Religion, Volume 7 and 8 in 1965.

There are dozens and dozens, indeed hundreds and scores of similar cases which are verified. You can read the book- Searching for Vedic India – by  Devamrita Swami for this purpose.

What is more important and relevant for us is that these mystical abilities are possible for some people even today. But there is one mystical experience and mystical power that is available to all of us. That power is the power of transforming our heart and lives by remembering God, Krishna, by chanting His holy names, via the Hare Krishna mahamantra. All over the world today people recognize excessive smoking, drinking, drug addiction etc. as severe bad habits. Rehabilitation centers and de-addition centers spend millions of dollars for freeing people from these bad habits and still achieve very little results. But simply by chanting of the holy names attentively and regularly one can achieve what most powerful, resourceful and well-funded research centers find it difficult to achieve. The mantra meditation frees people from all kind of bad habits and this has happened to not just one or two but hundreds and hundreds people all over the world who have adopted the chanting of the holy names. Not only people can become free from bad habits but those people who do not have bad habits can become more peaceful, joyful, focused, productive etc. by practicing mantra meditation.

As a scientifically minded person, I urge you to personally experience this mystical power of the holy names. By chanting these names, you will realize its effect through your own experience and transformation of your life.  Then for sure you will understand that the mystical abilities that are talked about in the Vedic literature are not mythological but actually are real.



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