Bali M rejects Shukracharya, yet Vamana respects him – Why?

by Chaitanya CharanOctober 13, 2014

Sukracarya was rejected by Bali maharaja, as he did not give him the highest teachings of Full Surrender to Lord. At the same time Sukracarya has merits of his own:

a.   Lord Vamana respects Sukracarya and asks him ‘What was the fault in Bali in his sacrifice?’ Lord is giving darshan to him and asking him is not ordinary… (SB-8.23.14)

b.   Sukracarya seems to be aware about the glory of the lord. As he says – “if your holy name is chanted then all deficiences are made complete”. (SB-8.23.16)

c.   He obeys the order of the Lord and makes for the deficiency in the sacrifice of Bali. (SB-8.23.16-17)

d.   It seems that the wrong advise and the curse which Sukracarya gave to Bali was personally inspired by the lord and it was the plan of the lord to show the glory of Bali’s surrender and to show on him his special mercy. (SB-8.20.14) (SP also says in purport that Sukracarya was not inspired by the lord for devotional service…)

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