Damodarashtakam verse 1 line 2_ Prayer for better chanting

by Chaitanya CharanOctober 31, 2023



Lasat-kuṇḍalaṁ, gokule bhrājamanam
My dear Lord Krsna, as I try to remember You, You are not just a generic reality; You are a specific person with specific attributes. Just as Your beautiful earrings, kuṇḍala, have charmed the heart of Satyavrat muni, my dear Lord, may Your specific attributes charm my heart. With those specific attributes—Your bluish-black complexion, Your flute, Your threefold bending form—some or the other, may my heart be captivated towards You. Gokule bhrājamanam, my dear Lord, beyond this world of constant agitation is your eternal abode of unending love. May I be able to turn away from this world and immerse myself in You, knowing that Your world is the Supreme shelter.

End of Transcription.

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