Dealing with old age – individual and social responsibility – 3.30.15

by Chaitanya CharanDecember 2, 2014

Lecture Summary: 

What is this section’s role in the Bhagavatam?

Use the world as a tool for meditating on God – eg. Universal Form, Sankhya and cosmology

How SB devotionalizes Sankhya

Use tatparyalinga


What is this verse’s role in this section?

Shows futility of materialistic living – not just by showing the illusoriness of the beauty of worldly objects but also by showing the innate misery in such existence

Soul’s seeking shelter in sense enjoyment is like a frog seeking shade from the sun under a snake’s fangs


How is this verse relevant to us?

Individual responsibility of the elderly – urgently raise consciousness eg. If after 50, you wake up without pain it indicates you are dead

Social responsibility – protect the elderly (one of the five categories of people to be protected) and create support systems for that

Hospice in Vrindavan – helped devotees, relatives of devotees and Vrajavasis


Is the Gita a world-affirming book and SB a world-rejecting book?

No, same principle of devotion presented according to context

Eg. Lord Chaitanya refused to meet Pratap Rudra, SP came out of the way to meet Indira Gandhi

Eg. Rupa and Sanatana Goswamis didn’t give initiation much, whereas Narottama Das Thakura despite being a non-brahmana initiated even brahmanas

Gita’s context – Krishna’s will executed by acting; Bhag’s context – Krishna’s will executed by renouncing


General application for individual-institution synergy:

Institution appreciates people’s sincerity and provides facilities to help them serve Krishna

Individual doesn’t complain about lack of facilities, but serves with whatever facility is available, meditating “What facilities did Prabhupada have?”

Rise from the love that hides to the love that guides – realize that whatever happens externally, individually Krishna consciousness always works

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