Do aliens really exist?

by Chaitanya CharanJanuary 27, 2012

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what is your opinion about Aliens, are they really existed or just a movie fake?

Firstly my opinion is not of much value, because I am a conditioned soul, but we can explain our understanding of the Vedic scriptures as we have received them in the linage of guru shishya parampara, and as can also be substantiated by modern scientific observations and theories. So aliens are alien to modern cosmology, in the sense that whether we look at the western science or we look at the western religion, they have very little of an intellectual framework to explain aliens, so that’s why very alien observations have been trivialized and rejected in the main stream west. But , there are many respectable researchers who have investigated aliens for example there was professor john Mac, professor of psychiatry at Harvard university, who was also the winner of the top literary award of the America, the … prize, and he was totally skeptical about UFOs , about the whole phenomena of unidentified foreign objects, the alien lives, the alien visiting earth, but when he actually starting the phenomena and met the people who claimed to have seen the aliens or seen UFOs, and he found that number of these people ran into hundreds and hundreds and thousands , practically speaking, and he him initially got the investigation to prove that the alien phenomena as hoax, but he found that all those hundreds of people who have claimed to be seen aliens or being abducted by aliens, they all are normally sane balance, and also people with respectable social credentials. So over they years, he investigated the phenomena repeatedly and wrote several books about it, for example, in 1994, he wrote “abduction encounter with aliens”, and in 1999 he wrote “passport to the cosmos; human transformation and aliens encounters “. So he, showed how there will be thousands of faces and at least hundreds of them , have had such strong persuasive circumstances evidence along with of course the individual testimony of the person who saw those aliens, that they are undeniable. So he said that there, of course, he had no intellectual context of framework to explain who these aliens were, from where they came from, why they were coming to the earth. because neither western science, nor western religion , offers an intellectual context. but the Vedic tradition explains that we are not alone in this universe, in fact the Vedic world would suggested that we are all alone in this universe, is what makes us the aliens in this universe, because we disconnect ourselves from rest of the universe by such a self centered, ego centric world view, where we think that we humans are the only life in the whole universe. So, the Mahabharata also describes ,how there are beings from other areas of the universe , who come to the earth and they attach the residence of earth, for example Mahabharata describes how rakshas who would live in an another realms, would rise from the rivers at night and then attack the mendicants in the forests, kill them , drink their blood and disappear, and when the citizens , the king and the soldiers would come in the morning, they would find mysteriously these people, just their skulls and bones remaining and their blood drained out. So this parallels with some of the description of the modern aliens where the aliens inseminate and take blood samples and take seminal samples . So Dakoot Prabhu, one of the ISKCON”s prominent scientist, Dr Richard Thompson, wrote a whole book about alien identity, in which he compare and show the striking similarities between many of the description in the behaviors of the aliens and the description of the various beings in , as described in the Vedic literature, for example one comparison is the description of the UFO unidentified Foreign objects, as being space crafts capable of sudden and rapid movements in all directions. normally the human plains they are flowing in one direction, they need to slow and then gradually reverse and then accelerate to go in the different or opposite direction, but many US air force officials as well as civilians have observed that the aliens’ spacecraft, the flying saucers, as we call them, speeding in one direction and suddenly abruptly speeding off in opposite direction, so modern science knows no technology that can lead to sudden accelerated of speed, but so Sudhabut (????)prabhu compares how the description of Srimad Bhagavatam of the space craft of Shalba, which he had got from Lord Shiva, which he used to attack Dwaraka, had characteristics that they are replicated by the modern UFOs, his space craft could move lift right, top bottom, any where, and could even mysteriously disappear from one place and reappear in another place, so like this, in fact, the description of the similarities between the space craft of Shalya and modern UFOs is so striking that Dr Michel cremo another ISKCON’s scientist was interviewed and described the similarities and the inferences that can be drawn from them, on the history channel, in their documentary on “lost underwater worlds”. Now, some of these descriptions of the aliens , may not match what is given in the Vedic literature, but this mismatch is not because their is ……. in compatibility, but because the Vedic literature describes 8.4 million of lives, they mention 8.4 millions of lives and because the whole universe is vast, the Vedic literature do not, at-least the Vedic literature as we have them, do not give us the description, of all the possible forms of lives that are there everywhere in the universe. But even if some of the aliens description seems different from what is given in the Vedic literature, all that means that , these are certain species , whose description are not there in the Vedic literature, as they are available to us right now. As we know the Vedic literature are very very vast, and in the higher realms they are much bigger and fat, only less than 1/10th of the Mahabharata is available to us here on the earth, and less than the 1/10th is 110,000, verses, the longest poem in the world history, So yes, there is indeed there are indeed aliens, there is indeed life on other planets, and life on other planets also interact sometimes with life on our planet, Now some of these aliens are benevolent and some of them are malevolent. Benevolent means they want to do good to us and some of them would want to harm us, Just like in the Vedic times, they were deva’s demigods who can bless human beings, and there are asuras, the demons, who can harm human beings. So in general, because kaliyuga is so contaminated, so the demigods do not visit earth during kaliyuga frequently, even if when they used to visit earlier, generally they would not be visible to us, because they live in the higher realm and unless they give us the qualification, we cannot see the, but there are other beings, who may have other kind of motivations, good or bad, who may be visiting our planets, just as the Mahabharata describes that the danavas, wanted to take over the earth and so, not only did they come over the earth to attach the earth, but they engage in womb warfare, womb warfare means, that they arranged to have themselves being born in the human race through the wombs of the various kings who were ruling the planet earth, so Duryodhana, was told in his mystique vision that he was the fruit of the long austerities of the danavas, and he would be make the king of the world and through him the danavas would fulfill their plans, so there is abundant description of realms of existence and life beyond the earth. that is given in our Vedic literature and that also is to some extent demonstrated by the repeated citing of aliens. Now of course the modern tendency and not just the modern tendency, the human tendency is to exaggerate the make it to fantastic , the description of anything that seems unusual. so that’s why its possible that some of alien phenomena may be exaggeration, it is possible that some of its phenomena may be imaginations, but beyond the exaggeration and the imaginations, there are significant number of phenomena that are authentic. and they do indicate that the there is life on other planets and that life interacts with our planet occasionally, and this is what is predicted in the Vedic scriptures also.

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