Do higher dimensions in scriptures refer to higher spatial dimensions or higher levels of consciousness?

by Chaitanya CharanFebruary 8, 2013

From: Mayur G

Do Vedas refer to higher dimensions as higher levels of consciousness as well in terms of subtle space? You have also explained with the help of an analogy (point A in one building, points B and C,) about another vertical dimension etc. Is there only one vertical dimension or more? Suppose we think of this material world to be limited to 3 spatial dimensions plus 1 time dimension. Mathematically 4th, 5th and higher spatial dimensions are possible. In reality if we consider the 4th and higher dimensions, are these subtle spatial (subtle physical space) dimensions or just higher levels of consciousness or a combination of both?  And what about multiple time dimensions? Does Brahma having 4 heads indicate that he has access to these higher dimensions (how many?) in Satya loka. What about the 100 headed to million headed Brahmas and their universes, that we read in Teachings of Lord Chaitanya? Do their universes have millions of dimensions? So there should trillion and quadrillio  ns headed Brahmas (and universes with exceedingly higher dimensions too)?

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