Do we need middlemen to approach God?

by January 10, 2014

Even if for discussion’s sake, we assume that we don’t need middlemen, then who will tell us that we don’t need any middle-men? In OMG, Kanjibhai takes up that role. By thus giving us the message that we don’t need any middlemen, he ends up acting as a middle-man. Therefore, those who convey the idea that no middle-men are needed to approach God are making a self-refuting statement because by stating this they are themselves acting as middlemen.

Even if we argue that in OMG Kanjibhai rejects the role of a middleman by beheading his own image that people were about to worship, still even in that rejection, he is acting as a go-between by telling people that this is not the way to worship God.

Even if we listen to atheists and reject the existence of God entirely, we can’t avoid middlemen; we are letting those preachers of atheism become our middlemen. But these are middlemen who meddle in our relationship with God and push us far away from him.

So rather than futilely denying the need of middlemen, we will be much better off investing our intellectual energy in finding out the right kind of middlemen – those who are actually close to God and will help us come closer to him.

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