Does every cell have a soul?

by January 19, 2012

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Our body have soul and our body contains millions,billions of cells,Each cell must be having soul ,so how our body with our soul and with millions of souls of cells are living together?

Firstly, it is not necessary that every cell has one soul.If a cell is infected by microbes, then it may have a hundred souls in that cell corresponding to the hundred microbe that are there in that cell. But those souls have their own independent bodies. It is not that each cell in the body is embodiment for a particular soul, No, the whole body is embodiment for one soul. And all the cells get their capacity to grow and function based on the consciousness that comes from the soul that is embodied in the full body. Now the other souls that live in the body are having their own bodies and they are living parasitically. The example that Shrila Prabhupada would give here was that if there is a house , the house has one owner, and the owner is the prominent resident of the house but along with that , there may be ants , there may be cockroaches, there may be mosquitoes, which are also staying in the same house, but they are not the owner of the house, and the owner of the house is the primary person who maintains the house, Similarly , in our body, we are the primary soul, we are like the owner of the house, and along with us other souls may also be living. but there is no direct correlation or connection or coordination between the functioning between we, the prominent soul, the prominent occupant soul of the body and all the other souls. they are more or less parasitic occupants.

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