Does the M-theory do away with the need for God, as Stephen Hawking claims in The Grand Design?

by Chaitanya CharanMay 27, 2014

Quotes by scientists pointing out the limitations of M-theory:

“The connection between this multiverse idea and M-theory is, however, tentative. Advocates of M-theory such as Witten and Hawking would have us believe that it is done and dusted. But its critics have been sharpening their knives for a few years now, arguing that M-theory is not even a proper scientific theory if it is untestable experimentally. At the moment it is just a compelling and beautiful mathematical construct, and in fact only one of a number of candidate TOEs [Theories of Everything].”

– Theoretical physicist Jim Al-Khalili

“It is not testable, not even in any foreseeable future.”

– Physicist Paul Davies

“M-theory is not even defined …we are even told ‘No one seems to know what the M stands for.’ Perhaps it is ‘myth’… I don’t see that M-theory adds one iota to the God debate, either pro or con.”

– Oxford physicist Frank Close

“M-theory is highly speculative and certainly not in the zone of science that we have got any evidence for.”

–  Physicist Jon Butterworth, Large Hadron Collider, Switzerland

“The book is a bit misleading. It gives you this impression of a theory that is going to explain everything; it’s nothing of the sort. It’s not even a theory.”

– Mathematical physicist Roger Penrose

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