Don’t descriptions of Krishna’s form make us imagine as spiritual our material attraction to forms?

by Chaitanya CharanDecember 22, 2013

From Mrigank Sharad

ISKCON talks a lot about Krishna’s beauty! you may say that its a higher kind of beauty , having some spiritual connotation.But i hv seen  ISKCON texts admiring God’s ‘physical beauty’, comparing it with that of thousands of cupids!  When i first read prabhupad’s purport for Gita verse 18.65, where he describes Krishna as ‘bluish boy with a beautiful face’ and advises againt worshiping any other Vishnu forms, I was shocked!! Now whats in the face! Gita-verse 3.34 says : attraction for sense objects are naturally placed in sense organs’ , so under the influence of natural sense attraction , we feel certain shapes of nose, eyes, mouth, which are but holes on the face,  to be beautiful. It sounds not very ‘spiritual’ to me.  You may associate some kind of ‘spiritual notion to all this, but a common student who reads this kind of theory is unfortunately bound to feel repulsion.

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  • Vimal
    December 23, 2013 at 7:29 pm

    Hare Krishna,
    Wonderful explanation. We are so fortunate to have the beautiful darshan of their lordships which fills our minds and hearts with satisfaction and it is the experience of every devotee, how they lose attraction for material things of this world as one progresses. If Krishna’s form were material descriptions, then devotees would not have been able to transcend lust by the practice of Bhakti yoga. Also, we need to understand the difference between material senses and spiritual senses. The devotees in vaikunta are not devoid of senses, but they are most fortunate to enjoy the direct association of the lord who they perceive with their spiritual sense organs.
    Your servant,

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