How can knowing Krishna as the proprietor, enjoyer and benefactor bring us peace?

by February 13, 2020


I read in BG. 5.29, that one who understands that Krishna is the Supreme and beneficiary of all activities is relieved from all miseries and attains peace. What is the import of this statement? How is it practically possible simply by knowing this fact that one attains to peace?

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Transcription :

Transcribed by: Keshavgopal Das

Question: How can knowing Krishna as the proprietor, enjoyer and benefactor bring us peace?

Answer: It is not simply knowing the fact that Krishna is the Supreme enjoyer and proprietor of all that one will attain peace. It is by accepting and living this fact one would attain peace.

If we look at our lives, we are motivated by two primary desires: we want to be possessors and we want to be enjoyers. We try to possess by gaining property, money, post etc. and then enjoy what we possess. Ultimate hope is that the possession and enjoyment will be good for us. It will lead to happiness and long-term benefit.

From BG 5.29, accepting the fact that Krishna is the enjoyer and possessor of everything frees us from the endless craving and doomed struggle of becoming possessors and enjoyers. Why is this struggle on our part doomed? Because everyone wants to become possessor and enjoyer, but the sources of this world are limited. So, it is practically impossible to become possessor and enjoyer of everything. Without knowledge of 5.29, people will always be competing for the resources of this world and there can never be peace.

When we understand that it is only Krishna who is the possessor of everything and He will provide whatever we need as part of our quota, we will be happy and peaceful. If we try to enjoy ourselves, it will simply create trouble for ourselves. Same as when we give water to the root of the tree the leaves and twigs are also nourished. If we water the root of this Universe, Krishna, we will also be peaceful and happy.

Having faith in God, that He is our well-wisher is same as having faith in a doctor that he is our well-wisher. However, the doctor will not be able to cure us just by having the faith that he is our well-wisher. We have to cooperate with his treatment. Similarly, Krishna is a doctor, and we simply need faith that He is suhridam (well-wishing dear friend) and we need to cooperate with His treatment.

If we understand that the mansion is owned by its master and we are simply supposed to cooperate the master by serving him nicely, then the master will also take good care of us because the master is a dear well-wisher of us.

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