How can we become determined like Hanuman?

by Chaitanya CharanNovember 2, 2019



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Question: How can we become determined like Hanuman?

Answer: We usually hear people say that they have no determination. For example, some are alcoholic and have no determination to give up alcohol. However, the funny part is they have determination to keep drinking alcohol. Some say they have no determination to wake up in the morning but interestingly they have determination to keep sleeping. Everyone is trying to wake them up, calling them lazy, giving dark looks but still they are determined to keep sleeping. It is not that they have no determination, it is just that the determination is misguided. Everybody has determination but, in most cases, it is not directed.

Determination means concentrated desires directed constructively. We all have desires but to stay focused on something the desires need to be concentrated.

When someone say they have set hundred goals for the month, mostly those are not goals, but a wish list. There maybe many things that we want to do but need to focus on the most important ones to achieve them. If we focus on too many things at once, then determination gets dissipated. Once we prioritize and decide, we need to plan and follow a process to achieve our goals.
Setting achievable daily goals and meeting them consistently while also raising the bar periodically also helps us build our determination steadily.

Determination is like muscles. When we lift weights, the muscles become stronger and we can lift more weights. That is why, we should start with whatever determination we have and eventually it will grow.

It is said that Hanuman is buddhi matam varishtam – he is the best among wise people. Although Hanuman had a very strong desire to serve Lord Rama, he used his intelligence to direct the desire properly.

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