How does the spiritual soul first get material desires?

by Chaitanya CharanOctober 12, 2012

From Amal Mahaprabhu Pr

Soul being spiritual can not have material desires. You said – material desires come from mind as default programs due to our past habits and actions. Then how at first the default programs are written? How do mat desires originate at first? Is it by influence of false ego sould tries to enjoy matter and then implication starts? Please explain in context of beginning of material desires for the soul.

Answer: The original material desire for the soul is the desire to imitate Krishna. Krishna is the enjoyer in the spiritual world and Krishna has his pastimes with Radharani and the gopis and the soul is meant to assist Krishna in those pastimes. So when we say the soul becomes envious of Krishna that means the soul wants to imitate Krishna and become the enjoyer instead of assist Krishna and become the enjoyed and all thereby enjoy. So when the soul desires to imitate Krishna, that desire is the original material desire. Now it is not material in the sense it is connected with the material world because the soul is not at that time in the material world. At the same time it is material in the sense that it is separate from Krishna and it propels the soul eventually into material existence. So when we desire to imitate Krishna, that desire to imitate is a material desire in the sense that it is independent from Krishna and in the sense that it becomes the root of our material existence where we experience further material desires. So because of the desire to imitate Krishna then we come to the material world and here, ofcourse there are so many materialistic allurements and engagements aggressively bombarding the mind. Temptations are always there in the material world. In previous ages there were more satvic temptations, more regulated forms of enjoyment but still there were material forms of enjoyment only. So that’s when the soul comes to the material world then further impressions are put in and then the default programs come up and those default programs keep propelling the soul life after life from one  body to another in the hope of enjoying by fulfilling material desires. So the soul is spiritual so originally it does not have any material desires in the spiritual world. It simply has pure desires to serve and love Krishna but when the soul desires to imitate Krishna, that desire is the beginning of the material desires of the soul.


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