If Vrajavasis love each other doesn’t that mean Krishna is not all-attractive for he can’t exclusively attract their love?

by Chaitanya CharanDecember 13, 2013

From: Keshav
If everyone loves Krishna in Vrindavan,then does it mean people do not love anyother thing ? Do the parents of Gopas love Krishna or their son ? If it is different then comparision will be made as their can not be two love in absolute world. How can a girl who is married ,love his husband and Krsna in same way when everyone in Goloka Vrindavan is a soul.If she loves both husband and Krsna ,then will it not mean Krsna is not totally attractive ? Also a variety of relationship exists between individual souls and between god and individual soul in spiritual planet.So how come two love thoery exist there? Isn’t Love is love , or its real meaning is yet to be discovered?

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