Is there really such a thing as evil glance (nazar lagna)?

by Chaitanya CharanJune 6, 2012

From: Mukesh Bhatt

Hare Krishna. In India we here a lot about    ‘nazar lagana’ & ‘ buri (bad) nazar’ – i.e. when someone if jealous of someone else – he wishes some bad luck to fall upon the other person. Somehow it is believed that if someone casts this ‘bad wish’ upon them then they need to remedy the situation right away. Again in India they have so many ideas about this – like black mark on the face, some thing with lemon and chilli’s or the latest ‘turkish eye – nazar suraksha kavach’  etc.

 Is there any vedic/vaishav view on ‘nazar’? Is there really such a phenomenon or is this simply superstition?  Is chanting the names of Sri Narasimha or wearing Narasumha kavacha the best way to counter it?

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