Krishna demonstrates prevailing definition of success – and transcends it

by Chaitanya CharanMarch 10, 2015

Lecture Summary:

People mold their life according to their culture’s definition of success

Eg. Indian youth “Engineer or doctor”

Eg. Kings would build magnificent temples

Purification means changing our definition of success, otherwise we check and choke our spiritual progress because what we desire internally undermines what we do externally

Krishna in Vrindavana transcends prevailing definition of success and simply demonstrates reciprocation of love, whereas outside Vrindavana he demonstrates prevailing definition of success by being a peerless kshatriya

The purpose of spiritual life is to make spiritual life the purpose of our life, not to use it as a shock-absorber for our material life

Sports can be integrated into skills useful for one’s life duties

Eg. Cricket hasn’t got anything with one’s main life

But kshatriya skill exhibition such as svayamvara demonstrates their competence in skills valuable for their duties

Krishna exists in different times at the same time

Time is not just the fourth dimension in space-time continuum, but is a manifestation of Krishna that predates space

“I can’t know” is different from “I don’t know”

Contradiction is a cause of confusion, but of celebration

Purpose of Pandavas’ Rajasuya-yajna – SB: to glorify Krishna; MB – to elevate Pandu to Svarga from Yama’s abode (not Yamaloka – difference betw prison and prison warden’s home)

Lord Chaitanya demonstrates and transcends prevailing definition of success

As brahmana-grihastha – Topmost pandita – gave it up for bhakti

As sannyasi – Advaita sannyasi to bhakti

SP translates CC’s definition of success to our level – share KC with the whole world

SP told George Harrison “Use your intelligence”

SP “My devotees are perfect gentlemen”

Preaching means to be intelligible to people – focus where the devotional definition of success intersects with the prevailing definition of success

Success in bhakti – not just drop out of the world and join the temple, but also penetrate into the world and be exemplary

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