Love is in the SOUND

by Chaitanya CharanMay 29, 2015

Talk at Mantra Lounge, Melbourne University

Talk Outline:

Acronym SOUND: Satisfying, Omnipotent, Universal, Non-material, Direct


Love expressed differently in different cultures eg handshake, hug, nose rub

Baby feels warmth of blanket on cold night though it may not know that the warmth comes from mother’s love

Warmth – security & strength – coming from mantra meditation is pointer to God’s love


Empowers us to break free from our mental shackles

Love brings out the best within us, lust brings out the worst within us

Mantra’s potency to bring out higher side is evidence that it manifest God’s love for us and our reciprocal love for him that brings out the best within us

Devotional chanting brings about resonance of our consciousness with infinite consciousness


Eg. Festival of folk songs on the banks of the Volga – Bliss through chanting better than that of honeymoon, without even knowing what the mantra means

Mantra speaks in the universal language of love – links the human heart with the divine heart


Eg. Ordinary paper vs currency note

The infinite consciousness manifests to us through the sound of the mantras, so it’s much more than ordinary sound, even if spoken with the same tongue and throat


Mantra is not just a path to the infinite – it is also the manifestation of the infinite.

Eg. Pauper who had never seen gold – gold was not in the treasury, but was also the component of the staircase to the treasury






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