Radharani and Padmavati took birth on lotus only. Why didn’t they take natural birth?

by Chaitanya CharanJune 16, 2013

Transcription By: Sudha Mehta Mataji (From Bosnia)

Edited By: HG Murlidhar Prabhu

Question: Radharani and Padmavati both took birth from lotus only. Why didn’t they take natural birth?

Answer: It’s a part of their lila; through their lila they demonstrate how actually they are not ordinary living beings who are forced to take birth through the wombs of the mothers and who undergo suffering under the process of birth, by living in the cramped space of the womb.

Radharani is directly God in female manifestation and so her appearance is also extraordinary. Krishna describes in BG 4.9 that one who understands the extra ordinary nature of my birth and my past-times doesn’t come back to the material world again:

janma karma ca me divyam
naiti mam eti so arjuna

These sort of extraordinary births of these divine personalities forces us to think, how is it possible that someone can appear through lotus?What does it mean and when we think about this, one conclusion is we could dismiss this as mythology but then there are great sages who have talked about this and those sages had no interest in fanciful tales- that are the kinds of stories that are spun up by writers of fairy tales and fiction novels. These sages are greatly renounced people and they often have talked about profound philosophy which is far beyond the normal range of thinking of story tellers.

Those who have talked about this profound philosophy by which they have established that what happens in this world is temporary &it’s  illusory in the sense  it’s not connected with our actual nature, those souls who have so scrutinizingly established how the actual reality of this world is spiritual, why would they want to spin some stories about some  mythological events?

No, actually they are existing at some higher levels of reality and they are transmitting to us the events that happens at higher levels of reality. Therefore when the Lord appears in this way and great devotees record those past times for us if we think open minded then we will be logically inspired to reject the inference that these are mythological and then philosophy can guide us to the conclusion that these are transcendental.

So there may be specific past times about why a specific manifestation of the Lord, in this case RadhaRani  and Padmavati, manifested in a particular way; but more important in respect to those pastimes, which ofcourse are purifying,is to understand the underlying principle. The principle in understanding these transcendental past times is to understand how the spiritual reality is so wonderful beyond the humdrum routine nature of material reality and it inspires us to redirect our attraction towards spiritual reality and ultimately return to the spiritual reality. Thank you

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