Should devotees consult astrologers to ward off negative influences?

by Chaitanya CharanJune 1, 2012

From: Devdatt

My friend and I had Kal-sarpa yoga according to one astrologer. My friend is not a devotee and hence he did puja. Miraculously he got a job and some of his financial problems were taken care of. My question is what aspiring devotee should do if some of these things are recommended for him. This enquiry may seemed foolish however there are increasing number of Sadhakas are falliing pray to such processes and they claim that as they are not on level of Prahlad Maharaj or Prabhupada and hence they have to do it and they say that we need to do this to remove obstacles on the path of Bhakti and to become peaceful. Kindly enlighten us. Your answer will be torchlight for us to follow.

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  • vignesh
    October 16, 2014 at 11:06 pm

    It is indeed true that this jyotisa vijnana is a vedic science, but often nowadays especially ,many of the astrologers though not all , tend to deliberately mislead people to have some financial gain ,and often prescribe various unnecessary things like wear this dhaaga ,buy this yantra and various other stuffs . the problem is in the name of solving our various problems (or what is said as dosha nivritti ) ,our consciousness gets shrink philosophically ,and we act as if opportunistic materialistic to seek to solve our dosha ,wherever possible , by worshiping any of the demigods like navagraha or sani ,indicating that we don’t have any faith in krishna ,as if we are ready to worship anyone ,if that works for us . as if indicating that only end result matter for us ,without any concern of what pooja ,which demigod worship ,acting like ,this pooja didn’t worked ,go to some other astrologer ,he will prescribe some other method and worship ,again we try that ,again it doesn’t work ,and all our attempts gets baffled . and such attempts often go in vain ,irrespective of whatever pooja we do ,if our past reactions are too strong to be eradicated or repositioned as you said . at such times ,we don’t have any other option other than facing those karmic reactions . i can give a personal example of my mother who is suffering from severe arthritis pain from last 15 years ,and to get some relief ,she has performed almost all the kinds of pooja and shanti on advise of astrologer ,but none of them worked .so at times it happens ,and we can’t do anything ,but just pray for krishna . at such times krishna test our patience and faith on him ,so we should show him our sincerity at those times ,and rather getting bewildered ,and acting like simple opportunist ,we should call out for krishna with more intensity and vigour ,showing krishna that our faith will not deviate from him irrespective of whatever be circumstances . and if krishna desires ,he can eradicate all our sins in no time ,but even if it doesn’t , we should not lose hope , and should worship krishna unconditionally . this would help us get the mercy of krishna over a long run .

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