The Monk’s Podcast 56 with Bhakti Vasudeva Maharaj – Taking bhakti wisdom into the management world

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Transcription :

Taking bhakti wisdom into the management world – The Monk’s Podcast with Bhakti Vasudeva Maharaj

Summary from 1.12.33

Chaitanya Charan Prabhu: So we discussed today on the topic of taking Bhakti wisdom into the leadership ,in the management ,leadership field. You shared your journey, how it started with Bhakti Tirtha Maharaj’s instructions, and then you were able to publish like 25 papers in three years.

Basically, you mentioned that, in the academic world, we need to have the language and the skills otherwise we won’t be respected. If we are able to present our wisdom in a way that addresses today’s problems, then there is a whole universe open over there,especially in qualitative research-a phenomenological approach. It’s mainly a way of understanding our texts, studying contemporary issues, and then applying for solving current specific problems.

There is a big area in this field, big, big opportunity in this field, this field has not been that well explored. Even if there are devotees in that field, they’re not bringing about that dialogue between, say Bhagvada Gita and modern criminology or modern issues. And for those who want to do this kind of thing on one side, the leadership needs to be less myopic, and the devotees need to become more expert in creating space for themselves.

Then finally, you talked about how ultimately to get people from that utilitarian philosophy to the transcendental, it’s going to be the relationships we develop. So, we may give impressive wisdom but we need to be accessible to people. And that relationship, by observing us, by being with us, they will want to take a Bhakti. Then they can also experience Krishna.

Thank you very much for your time and your wisdom. So if any devotees are interested in this area, so can be on for guidance, can they contact you through your website?

Vasudeva Maharaj: They can contact me on my phone number. You can also give them my email. My email is’m a liberal guy. I’m a liberal, Swami. They can feel free to contact me.

Chaitanya Charan Prabhu: Thank you very much. It was wonderful having you on the Monk’s podcast. Thank you

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