Was Drona a pure devotee? Was he a spiritual teacher?

by Chaitanya CharanApril 24, 2015

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Question- Was Drona a pure devotee? Was he a martial teacher or a spiritual teacher for Pandavas and Kauravas?

Answer (short)Drona was a martial teacher not a spiritual teacher. He was a Brahmana and not a pure devotee.

Answer (long)-  In Mahabharata, Drona is primarily described as a Brahmana, who primarily gave martial knowledge. He is not described as a pure devotee, although he knows the position of Krishna as Supreme Lord. He also instructs Duryodhana to not fight against Krishna and Pandavas. He is certainly not described as a pure devotee of the category of Bhishma, who is one of the mahajanas. For Bhishma, Krishna Himself comes at the time of his passing and be at his side when Bhishma gave profound philosophical instructions. Bhishma is in a class of its own and a pure devotee of the Lord.

Brahmanas does not necessarily only give spiritual knowedge, but they also give material knowledge like martial arts. One of his great strengths was his open mindedness, that is why he taught Drishtadyumna even when he knew that Drishtadyumna would kill him. But his weakness was his son Ashvathama to whom he was very much attached and He also felt the obligation to the Kurus whom had maintained him. Therefore he was compelled to fight from the side of Kauravas.

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