What are the consequences of not following Bhagavad-gita?

by Chaitanya CharanDecember 19, 2022



Question: What are the consequences of not following the Bhagavad Gita?

Overall.The Bhagavad-gita is more is not one-off.

Ensuring compliance through imposing fear.So,

Idea inducing fear rather.So rather than focusing on.What will happen if somebody doesn’t follow the vagita? What these is is that there are laws of nature.Science talks about laws of nature.And if somebody doesn’t follow the law of gravity. Sometimes you defy the law of gravity.Then it is not that Newton or anybody any physics teacher is going to cause the injury to the person who jumps off from 10 story building.

That I don’t believe in our care for gravity.So,

It is not so much as fear of physics or thread by physicists.Or threads by a physics textbook as it is just awareness of the way reality works.Similarly the good guitar is giving us awareness.Of not just physical reality what primarily of conscious reality of have on how consciousness is affected by.

Our choices.And ultimately each one of us.The one thing we have to live with the most is our own consciousness.

We may or may not.You may create a particular place and we can walk away from that place.And somebody else has to clean up our mess.But if we create a mess in our consciousness that mess walks with us.We can never walk away from it.

And the guitar simply reminds us that.The more we let our consciousness become attached to small things.To trivial concerns to petips.To.Minor mishaps.Or even on the opposite side to.To trifling pleasures.To chief comforts.To.

Oh, you universally available sensual pleasures.Then by that we shrink our consciousness.And a shrunk consciousness.Can only experience shank and realities.For example a self-centered person.Can only experience life in terms of oneself only and nothing beyond that.

A self-centered person can’t see beauty of the top of her mountain.Without thinking that only if I would conquer and plant my victory flag over there, then it would be glorious otherwise it just makes me feel insignificant and that’s affiliate. I don’t want So shankan consciousness means our source is of fulfillment of joy of pleasure they become limited they become shrunk.

And expanded consciousness means that our sources of meaning are sources of fulfillment.Our sources of.

Joy they become expanded.So,The whole.Gita while talking about various paths.

In the talking about.The path of consciousness.How we can enrich our consciousness.So if we do not follow the kita basically, that means we are not enriching our consciousness.And.By letting the consciousness we filled with complaints and temptations, for example.We deprive ourselves of the.Higher experiences that we could otherwise have had.

But when 1858 one of the several hours of the Krishna talks about choices and consequences.Much it does have.

He says if you become conscious of me, you will pass over all obstacles by my grace.However, act out of go define me.

Then you will be lost. Since this is not so much Krishna personally having a vendetta against those who don’t listen to me, it’s rather.The very nature of nature of consciousness.That if it is.

Neglected if it is it comes in pure.It makes the world around us and safe.That’s why it’s so vital for us. If you want to be live in a safer world if you want to have.Higher experiences you want to have deeper fulfillment.And it’s important if we arise into the Babuita.

Mote of wisdom and let ourselves be elevated by it.Otherwise we may well end in this ocean of ignorance.Despite whatever education we may have had from a material perspective.

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