What are the various levels of bhakti Sri Vishvanatha analyzes in the Gita?

by Chaitanya CharanDecember 28, 2015

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Kevala bhaktas: GV with prema
Pradhani-bhuta b (Bhakti >50%): Vaikuntha in shanta-rati
Guni-bhuta bhakti (Bhakti <50%): Brahmajyoti Jnana Y/Dhyana Y/Karma Y: Brahmajyoti after they add bhakti in their sadhana 9.27: Karma-Jnana-Mishra: Pradhani Bhuta Bhakti Not sakama bhakti, because no material desires Not KY because all activities are offered, not just the scripturally prescribed ones Not JY because abundant appreciation of the Lord’s personal features is present Not Kevala bhakti because the actions are offered after performance, not before. iti pumsarpita vishnu bhaktish cen nava-lakshana kriyeta bhagavaty addha: this bhakti of nine types after being offered to the Lord should then be performed for the Lord. (SB 7.5.24)

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