What feelings do impersonalists experience – material or spiritual?

by Chaitanya CharanDecember 11, 2014

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    December 12, 2014 at 2:21 pm

    The impersonalists conception is that ,brahman is infinite ,and right now in our conditioned state of existence ,we are finite and limited ,so when we merge in brahman and become one with it , then we will become of the nature of infinite ,same as brahman ,and we derive infinite happiness ,since brahman is infinite and unlimited .they think that , if jiva does not become infinite same as god even after liberation , then their happiness will be limited and restricted . so devotees who worship the personal form of god with loving reciprocation ,they say that

    “If you are not one with God, you maintain a distance from God even at that height of achievement. Then, what will be your future?! How long will you be in Vaikuntha-Loka, Kailasa, Brahma-Loka or the Heaven where God abides? How long will you stay there? To be in that condition will be to enjoy the contemplation of the Infinite but not to become the Infinite. You have the happiness of contemplating the Infinite but you cannot become the Infinite and do what the Infinite can do. if you cannot become God, you will be finite again; if you are finite, then you have to return, having not attained moksha. ”

    so even if they accepts bhakti yoga as one of the way to achieve god ,but on the ultimate level ,they think ,only by merging in brahman ,we can derive ultimate happiness called as brahmananda ,whereas devotees have risk of fall down,since bhakti yoga practicioners try to maintain individual relationship with god ,so they say that relationship between individual may not remain eternally ,and we may fall down .

    but they fail to understand that relationship between devotees and god are not like mundane relationship ,like we see in this world ,which sometimes results in break up . they fail to understand ,how gopis derives unlimited happiness ,simply by contemplating and serving krishna .and since krishna is infinite , in newer and newer ways ,different rasa are experienced by the devotees in the spiritual world .so there is no chance of getting bored ,or relationships being broken .Thus its not that devotees fall down ,its impersonalist who fall down ,and have a constant risk of fall down ,since they have not yet attained their svarupa ,their original constitutional position of being a eternal servant of krishna .

    thus even bhagavatam glorifies the position of pure devotees ,in comparison with other practitioners as follows:

    sarupyaikatvam apy uta
    diyamanam na grhnanti
    vina mat-sevanam janah

    A pure devotee does not accept any kind of liberation–salokya, sarsti, samipya, sarupya or ekatva–even though they are offered by the Supreme Personality of Godhead. (S.B.3.29.13)

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