What guided humanity before scripture was written?

by Chaitanya CharanJuly 29, 2014

Transcribed by : Geetanjali Nath

Question: What guided human beings when scriptures were not present.

Answer: Actually the scriptures are …. eternal recreation. That means if you understand scriptures exists at different levels, scriptures exists at the level of sound and scriptures exists at the level of texts . At the level of text means, there are certain books, we have Bhagavad Gita and we have Bhagavatam, this is texts, So the texts is a manifestation in matter of spiritual sound. The texts and sometimes they are sound, in Bhagavad Gita , at a particular rate it may get ……., it will get …………….., so scriptures a physical object, as a text it can ……….., but scripture is not only that, scripture is sound . and that sound is through eternal creation. and the sound is expressed at different times through different mediums. So when the creation is made at that time itself Brahmaji is the first person who appears, and when he appears he is bewildered, what am iI supposed to do > and then the first root of scripture comes in the form of the work “t p” . be austerie. Then Brahmaji does austerity and then from within his heart the import of scripture is ” tenene Brahma Hrydya aadi ….”, spiritual knowledge is revealed within him, who is in the heart of …. he is the original phylosopher,. “aadi kavye” that is Brahmaji. and then Brahmahji gives that knowledge to Narad muni and like that the knowledge is coming down through various disciplic ….., so the textual form of scripture is from five thousand years , because, from the , at the start of Kaliyuga, seeing the decline in the human’s intellectual capacity , that which was primarily preserved with sound, was put down into writing. So beyond the written or textual tradition of scripture, there is a oral tradition of scripture. that goes on for all of the time since when creation is there. So now it’s also of course possible that there are certain people where scripture will not be available,The question can be rephrased that , what happens at the places or the people who do not have scriptural guidance.? then there are other forms of guidance, the same Lord who has given guidance in scriptures is also perceived within the heart as super soul. Most cultures have the understanding the there is some wise voice that ……, some may call it, some call is voice of conscious, some may call it vevek buddhi and it is not that from the voice of conscious one can get complete spiritual knowledge, but the voice of conscious guides one higher and then where ever that person is, that person will be guided on-wards spiritually and if there are some scriptural teachers in that tradition, then that person will get connected with them. or otherwise the person will evolve , based on ones own guidance from within. and for a future life time, one ………….., so the point is that God always makes guidance available in some form or the other. So the specific form in which the guidance may come, or the specific extent to which that guidance maybe used by a particular person, that will vary based on time place and circumstances. So we should not reduce scripture to any particular historical moment at a particular time it is given. no, scriptures is …… eternal creation, but it comes , it is a sound which is revealed right from the beginning of the creation, it is put into form of text at a particular time, and the text may have a particular history. But scripture itself , as a principle of guidance coming from God , is a-historical and transcendental, it is co eternal with creation, thank you. Hare Krishna.

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  • Vijay Gopi Keshav das
    July 29, 2014 at 5:18 pm

    Key points

    1- Scriptures are co-eternal with creation. They are revealed or available in two forms – Sound and Text.

    2- Brahma is the first person born in this Universe and the Lord Krishna revealed Scriptural knowledge to him in his heart. This is the Sound form.

    3- Brahma then spoke the same knowledge to Narada and Narada to Vyasa and so on.

    4- In the beginning of Kaliyuga (5000 years ago) Vyasadeva gave Text form to the scriptural knowledge knowing well in advance that the people in Kaliyuga will not have the required capabilities to know and understand scriptures through Sound.

    5- The written texts (e.g. Bhagavad-gita and Srimad Bhagavatam) may have some history but the Sound version of the scriptures is ahistorical and transcendental.

    6- The Lord always makes available some kind of guidance available to humans (sound / text / super-soul)

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