What is the destination of patriotic atheists like Bhagat Singh?

by Chaitanya CharanJune 12, 2014

Transcribed by: Geetanjali Nath Mataji

Question: What is the destination of atheists like Bhagat Singh, who are also nationalists and patriots?

Answer: Who is nationalist, so to be nationalist is a _______, there is ignorance, there is passion, and there is goodness. So our destination is determined by the way we live. If somebody lives in ignorance then there is a different destination, and some body lives in passion, another destination.

urdhavam gacchanti sattva-stha madhye tisthanti rajasah

jaganya gunavrtti stha adho gacchanti tamasah

Krishna says in BG 14.18, actually those who live in goodness they go upwards, upwards can be upper planetary systems, upwards can be a higher level of consciousness, it can be into higher species. So “madhye tisthanti rajasah”, those who live in passion, they stay in the same earthly planets.  Those who are in ignorance, “adho gacchanti tamasah”, they go downwards. So depending on the person’s modes, how a person is living, that person will get a destination accordingly. So again theoretically assuming that we talk to somebody who is non-religious, atheists can be categorized into two categories, there are non-theists, and there are anti-theists. Non-theists are people are those who do not care about God, they don’t care about God, and they will not get out of material existence. Because to go out of this material existence, if somebody does not care about God, ___________. In the spiritual world everybody is in a loving relationship with God so they will not go back to God, but depending on their modes, depending on the way they have lived, they get their destinations. For somebody anti-theist, anti-theist means aggressively anti-devotional, then that person becomes blasphemous towards God, then that can have unfortunate consequences, and that can lead to inauspicious destinations. So rather than generalizing everything, there are different broad principles. For every individual, what is the constitution of the person, what is the knowledge of the person, what is the lifestyle of the person, all of these factors will determine the destination of that person. So we focus on understanding the principle. The principle is that actually if somebody is devoted to God that will lead to the best destination. If they are not devoted to God, then, depending on the way that person is living, as per the modes, that person will get the destination accordingly. But if somebody is exclusively against God, then that is unfortunate and that can lead to inauspicious destinations.

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