What is the meaning of the higher dimensional perspective in understanding whether man went to the moon or not?

by Chaitanya CharanNovember 27, 2013

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Did man go to the moon?

From Pancha Pandava P

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Transcription: Jyoti Shirasangi Mataji

Question: In your lectures and articles on moon mission, you explained, how Scientists may have gone to the moon, within the 3 dimensional perspectives, but they did not experience moon. You talk about 2D and 3D in that. Can you explain that more clearly?

Answer: The demigods exists in the higher loka, they are called as higher planetary systems. Now, what is the high about it? Is it simply the physical height? No. not exactly the physical height. Because, if that was the idea of high, then high would be very relative.

You know, the earth is circular. So what is high from above India, will be low below America, which is opposite of India. So, what is up and what is down, if we are just going to think about it in terms of physical up and down, it will be very limited understanding.

The higher planetary systems refer to, those areas of the universe, where there are higher beings living, higher means those beings have higher capacities. Higher sensory, intellectual capacities and we know that, sensory and intellectual capacities come as the results of our Karma. So, the beings in the higher realms, they not only have higher sensory and higher intellectual capacities because of better karma, but also, externally they have better facilities to enjoy it, and the rennin in which they exist, is not perceivable to our senses. It is more subtle, it is more sophisticated. Because of this, the higher lokas are not always perceivable to us. They exist, but at the higher dimensions.

So, I give the example of, just as in a huge levering sort of computers, e mean with multiple users, different users will have different levels of access. There will be huge data in the computer, but to the person who is having clerks level of access, may be able to only key in data. Whereas the person, who is the owner, will have complete access, and the person who is among the top or intermediate manager, may have some intermediate level access. So, like that, all the data exists in the computer, but not everyone has equal access to it. It depends on ones work, that one is doing, and ones abilities one has. Similarly, when I use the word higher dimension, I mean is that, their existence is in a level, to which we don’t have direct access.

So, when we see the Moon, what exactly are we seeing? Are we seeing Chandra loka? No. if Chandra loka is a swarga loka, then we cannot see swarga with our eyes directly.

In Mahabharata it is described, when Arjuna wanted to go towards the havens through the Himalayas, then he heard an invisible voice, saying that, this is not an area meant for earthly people, and do not try to trust pass over here. You can’t enter first of all, and even if you enter, you won’t be able to see anything over here, because this exists at a higher level of existence. So the higher dimensions refer or point that, they are at a level of existence, in terms of their internal capacities, and in terms of their external facilities for living and enjoying.

Now, what we see as the Moon is actually the 3 dimensional projection of Chandra loka. 3 dimensional projection means, it is connected with Chandra loka, but it is not directly Chandra loka. Just like, if I have a city of Mumbai, and then I make a map of the city of Mumbai, and in that map I decide to go from Borivili to VT, one end to other end. Then, On the map if I move my finger from here to there, actually am I experiencing CST? If I move my finger from Borivili to CST? No. because, the map is definitely connected with Mumbai, but it is a thought of projection, a cartographic projection, where there is some connection, but no fullness of the experience. So, now the city itself is not just a 3 dimensional reality, (from the Physical point of view it is 3 dimensional reality) but there are different people with different orientations, motions, and relationships, we can’t experience that by moving on a map. Hence, just as the map gives an indication of the city, but by no means it gives us the experience of the city. Similarly, what we see as moon is connected with Chandra loka, but it is not Chandra loka. Because, even if we physically go to the moon, still we remain in the 3D projection, and therefore, we always remain in 3 dimensional space, because we cannot escape the 3 dimensional space. That is the limitation of our senses. Therefore, because we live in 3 dimensional space, we can’t perceive higher dimension reality. So, even if we go to moon, then all that will happen is, we will only connect with the 3D projection of Chandra loka, and that we will experience as the moon, and therefore we are not actually experiencing Chandra loka, because, Chandra loka is higher loka, which is requiring higher karma for accessing, and which involves higher sensory faculties and higher external facilities for enjoyment. So, we can’t get crack with other loka, although we may be able to by our mechanical aircrafts which will travel on 3 dimensions, we may be able to reach a 3 dimensional projection of Chandra loka, that is, the moon, which we observe it with our naked eye.

So, that’s what I mean by dimensions. It refers to the levels at which people are internally capable of experiencing, and and are externally experiencing. We can’t experience higher levels, because, that is not in our capacity right now. That’s why, even if we succeed in going to the moon, we can’t experience Chandra loka.

Thank you.

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Chaitanya Charan
  • November 28, 2013 at 10:22 pm

    Thank you, very good explanation. Years ago, I read the book, “Vedic Cosmography” by Dr. Richard L. Thompson (Sadaputa Dasa), which explains that the extraordinary description of this universe in the Fifth Canto of the Srimad Bhagavatam reconciles with a higher dimensional view.

    Even our own experience of this third dimension is so deficient. We experience only the surface of things. When we look around, we see only the surfaces of things. As we sit and look, we cannot see what is in something. We cannot even see the other side of things, without changing our point of view.

    We also wonder why these higher beings, the demigods, do not communicate with us. But it is like us trying to communicate with insects.

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